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Our Cloth Nappies

Totsbots EasyfitAt Unicorn we have:

  1. A stretchy bamboo nappy: soft, effective and especially good for night times.
  2. Easyfits all-in-ones: as close as cloth gets to a disposable, with integral waterproof outer & fold out absorbent pad. Both of the above are made in the UK by Tots Bots and are one-size-fits all, with poppers to adjust the length and easy velcro fastening
  3. Waterproof wraps or outer pants (in 4 sizes), a good fit with any nappy.
  4. Bamboo and muslin booster pads: for extra absorbency during the night or for heavy wetters.
  5. Organic cotton muslin nappies, great for newborns.
  6. Biodegradable liners, to catch the poo.

Here's what to do with them

Lay the nappy out place a liner on the nappy (don't fold the liner as this effects the one way absorbency - you can cut them if you need them smaller). Next put the nappy on the baby. Don't worry if it's complicated at first, it gets to be second nature very soon. Now put on the outer, if using, this prevents leaks from the nappy, make sure all the nappy is tucked in to prevent wicking. Click here for a nappy demo video.

A guide to washing nappies

  1. Solid waste is collected in the separate liner sheet. If you're using a biodegradable liner this can simply be flushed away. If the nappy is soiled with solids hold it securely in the toilet pan and let the water flush the mess away.
  2. There is no need to soak modern cloth nappies. Simply store your dirty nappies in a lidded bucket until you have a full wash load. This is known as 'dry pailing'
  3. nappy cleanserPop the nappies in your washing machine. Avoid using fabric conditioner too often as it can effect the absorbent properties.
  4. Ideally air dry the nappies to save energy, but you can use the dryer if you prefer. Tip: Add a dry towel to dryer - this can reduce your drying time by up to 10 mins. (note: drying on radiators can make nappies stiff).
  5. Outer pants don't need to be washed every change - in fact if washed too often the waterproof material can be affected. (This means you only need about 4 in any size).

The selection of nappies we stock at Unicorn is small but they have been tirelessly researched. From experience the cotton muslins may be the most effective for a newborn, and then a mixture of the all-in-one and bamboo 2-part system for 10lbs and over. The bamboo strectchy is best for night-time, when boosted with one or two extra pads, and the Easyfit is perfect for ease and convenience when you're out and about.

If you're unsure about using the nappies just buy a couple and try them out.

Any questions please ask in the shop or e-mail kellie@unicorn-grocery.coop

Cloth Nappies. Why bother? Because they're soft & comfy & no bother at all! Nappy facts here!


More information on Unicorn's
cloth nappy range
& what to do with them when you get home.

If you decide you want to use cloth nappies but don't want to wash them contact Cotton Tails on 0161 708 8223 & you can have freshly laundered nappies delivered to your door. (They supply the nappies)

If you're interested in more info on the environmental, economic & health impacts of disposables, contact: Women's Environmental Network
T. 020 7481 9004

Sustainable Wales
T. 01656 78405

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