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Moss Brook Growers

Moss Brook FarmersMoss Brook Growers are the tenants on the land owned by Unicorn since 2008, just outside Manchester near Leigh (14 miles from the shop). They are a co-operative of three growers – Carl, Rob and Stuart. As a workers’ co-op, they own the business themselves and share all decisions and responsibilities. 

Rob and Stuart spent a number of years working at Unicorn, and know a lot about selling vegetables, customer demand, pricing, and quality thresholds, but were complete newcomers when they took on the tenancy and started growing commercially. It’s been a steep learning curve for all of them, but despite some challenging times they have supplied us with a consistently stunning range of fresh veg, including leeks, cabbages, fresh garlic, spinach, radishes and kale. Often with just a few hours notice. 

As an independent shop supplying food to an urban population, we really think this is the way forward – a direct, organic, co-operative, local supply, minimising energy use and getting veg from the land to your table in the shortest time possible.  

Since Unicorn bought the land, two bare hay meadows have been transformed into a proper, almost self-contained farm (it's just missing a farmhouse now!). Years of incredibly hard work from co-op members here at Unicorn and especially at Moss Brook have resulted in

  • A 200 sq metre timber barn to store machinery, pack produce and have a cup of tea
  • A borehole and irrigation system
  • A connection to the national grid and 60 solar panels generating power for the irrigation system and to sell back to the grid
  • Hundreds of metres of native hedging planted to provide a rich habitat for birds and small mammals
  • A compost toilet for staff, volunteers and visitors
  • A rough track to move tractors and machinery around the farm
Look out for the Moss Brook name on our veg cards and find out more about Moss Brook Growers, what's happening on the land right now and even how to visit or help out here



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